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Customized Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles with Various Bottle Mouth and Screw Cap

Customized Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles with Various Bottle Mouth and Screw Cap

Detailed Product Description
Logo: Customized Cap Type: Various
Coating: Spray Painting Sealing: Screw Cap
Printing: Customized Shape: Bottles
Bottle Mouth: Various Material: Aluminum

Product Description:

Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles are perfect for personal care products such as shampoos, lotions, gels, and creams. They are made of aluminum material that is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for long-term storage and transportation of personal care items. These bottles come in a variety of colors and sizes, with a range of bottle mouth designs, such as screw-on and pump dispensers. They can also be customized with your own logo to make them more personal and unique. Our Aluminum Personal Care Bottles are perfect for storing and transporting your lotions, shampoos, creams, and other skin care products. With their lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, they are designed to last and keep your products safe and secure. Available in a range of sizes and colors, these Aluminum Skin Care Bottles can be customized with your own logo to create a unique and personalized look.


  • Product Name: Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles
  • Packing: Carton Box
  • Sealing: Screw Cap
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Coating: Spray Painting
  • Bottle Mouth: Various
  • Suitable for Aluminum Skin Care Bottles, Aluminum Makeup Bottles, Aluminum Beauty Bottles

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Surface Smooth
Coating Spray Painting
Capacity Various
Packing Carton Box
Usage Cosmetic
Logo Customized
Certificate ISO, SGS, FDA
Sealing Screw Cap
Shape Bottles
Material Aluminum


Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles are the ideal choice for beauty brands, cosmetic companies, and individual users in need of high-quality containers for their products. These bottles are certified by ISO, SGS, FDA and feature a smooth surface, customized printing, spray painting coating and a screw cap for a secure seal. With their durable and lightweight construction, Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles are perfect for storing any type of product. Whether you're looking for Aluminum Beauty Bottles for your company or individual users, you can trust our experienced Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer to produce quality containers that meet your needs.


Customization Services for Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles

We provide customized services for Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles with various shapes, materials, surfaces and capacities. Our Aluminum Beauty Bottles, Aluminum Skin Care Bottles and Aluminum Makeup Bottles are all certified by ISO, SGS and FDA.

The Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles can be customized with various shapes, such as cylindrical, conical, and oval. The material can be aluminum, plastic, glass, etc. The surface can be smooth, glossy, matte, etc. The capacity can be various according to your needs.

If you have any requirements for customizing Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles, please contact us for more information.

Support and Services:

Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles Technical Support and Service

We offer a wide range of technical support and services for our Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles, including:

  • Advice on product selection and use
  • Installation and maintenance assistance
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of operational issues
  • Repair and replacement of damaged components
  • Product training and certification
  • Help desk support
  • Software updates and upgrades

If you require assistance with any of these services, please contact us for further information.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles

Aluminum cosmetic bottles should be packed in boxes that are marked with the product name and the company logo. The boxes should also be sealed to prevent any damage or contamination.

The bottles should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in the boxes. This will provide an extra layer of protection against any bumps or shocks during shipping.

The boxes should then be placed in a larger shipping box and taped firmly. The shipping box should also be labeled with the product name, company logo and the shipping address.


  • Q: What material are the aluminum cosmetic bottles made of?
    A: The aluminum cosmetic bottles are made of high-quality aluminum alloy.
  • Q: Are the aluminum cosmetic bottles leak-proof?
    A: Yes, the aluminum cosmetic bottles are designed with an airtight seal to prevent leaking.
  • Q: What sizes are available for the aluminum cosmetic bottles?
    A: The aluminum cosmetic bottles come in a variety of sizes ranging from 50ml to 500ml.
  • Q: How durable are the aluminum cosmetic bottles?
    A: The aluminum cosmetic bottles are highly durable and can withstand repeated use.
  • Q: Are the aluminum cosmetic bottles safe to use?
    A: Yes, the aluminum cosmetic bottles are made with non-toxic and odorless materials, making them safe to use.

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